About Gateway Furniture

“Having a home is much more than having a house. A home is a place which provides warmth, familiarity and a sense of security. Its furniture and furnishings and manner of its decoration provide a sense of personal identity.” – Shelter


Gateway Furniture receive donations of good quality furniture, appliances and household items that are no longer wanted or needed. We then resupply these to local people in need for as little as £10 including delivery.

This ‘furniture re-distribution’ strategy means that people who are in need are helped in the darkest of times. It is a way for us to provide practically for those who are struggling in life.

But there are further benefits to Gateway Furniture! Our work encourages environmentally beneficial activities by promoting recycling and re-use – and preventing tonnes of furniture being turned into landfill. In addition it provides opportunity for those who volunteer with us to develop new skills and gain confidence.

How Does Gateway Furniture Work?

Below is a brief outline of how Gateway Furniture works. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

a) Receiving furniture

  • Good quality furniture is donated to Gateway Furniture from all over Swindon. Our volunteers clean it, inventory it and stack it.
  • As we are primarily a re-use organisation, we have limited resources to repair items other than white goods.
  • All electrical items are PAT tested.

b) Re-distributing furniture

  • Families, couples or individuals who are living on a low income, a retirement pension, receiving state benefits or on low-income tax credits are referred to Gateway Furniture via organisations such as Swindon Social Workers, Housing Officers and Children’s Centres.
  • To refer a client to Gateway Furniture please email us on Referrals@gatewayfurniture.org.uk for a referral form.
  • Once you have made a referral the client is able to come into our shop (The Gate, Havelock Square, Swindon) on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday (between 10am and 2pm) and meet with the Referral Co-ordinator.  The client is allowed to choose, subject to stock levels, the items they have been referred for (up to 4 items of furniture limited to one white good per referral). In addition, subject to the referral details, they can have kitchen utensils and bedding for free.
  • All the furniture is supplied for a required minimum charge of £10 (excluding white goods).  Where a white good is included, within the referral, a charge of £40 will be applied.


Furniture re-use in the UK diverts 90,000 tonnes of waste from landfill” – Furniture Reuse Network