How do I donate furniture and other items?


Simply telephone Gateway Furniture on 01793 683146.

We’re happy to accept any items in good condition that we can make good use of. You can arrange collections of clean domestic furniture, white goods and household items by telephone. There is no charge for this service. (All donations towards the running of the project however, will be greatly received.)

In order to comply with current safety and Trading Standards, all upholstered furniture must have labels confirming it complies with 1998 Fire and Furnishings regulations. All mattresses must have a flame retardant label.

If we are given surplus, unusual or antique goods, we may sell them via other organisations or in our charity shop to raise funds for the project.

Ten million items of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year. Three million of these items could easily be re-used; more could be repaired.” – Furniture Reuse Network