Gateway Furniture is now an FRN Approved Reuse Centre!

FRNLogoTranspWhat a busy few months it has been!

I’m Bethany Gallagher, a volunteer at Gateway Furniture and I will be blogging for the project here every so often, along with project manager, Dawn Prosser. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity, and to be working with such a keen and headstrong local charity who are tireless in their efforts to make a difference to the lives of people around Swindon.
Back in March, we faced some challenges. Dawn got a virus on her computer that encrypted all of her files, resulting in her losing everything, including important documents related to the charity. In the same week, Dawn and Kevin experienced issues with their electrics, fire alarm and air conditioning which resulted in some very short nights. However, bouncing back from this, the charity was able to carry on running as normal without too much of a hiccup, we are happy to say (much thanks to Colin for providing the number for the electrics, air conditioning and alarm system)!
We were then visited by two auditors from the Furniture Reuse Network. Following their assessment, we became one of only 60 approved Reuse Centres in the UK! It was a blessed day and a good cause for celebration.
Speaking of celebrations, wedding bells were ringing in our ears all March as we received enough donations to open our Bridal Suite at The Gate! One lady, in return for two pieces of furniture, donated all the stock from a bridal store she used to own, including 4 wedding dresses and about 30 bridesmaids dresses! On top of this, a bridal shop in Swindon Town Centre pledged to donate to us all of their old stock. Without these incredibly generous donations, we wouldn’t have been able to open, so a big thanks to all who donated and helped make our bridal department turn from idea into reality.
Finally, I cannot end this post without sharing a touching moment with you:
A lady in The Gate, who was looking rather lost, was assisted in her confusion when Dawn discovered that she was Russian and couldn’t communicate in English. Incredibly, that exact day a Russian volunteer was helping Dawn with the toddler group. She was able to strike up a conversation with the woman and help her out. They even ended up planning to meet up after!
It is times like this that I feel God is working with us closely, for the betterment of the charity, and the lives of the people that surround it.

About Bethany Gallagher

Bethany Gallagher is the volunteer website manager and blogger for Gateway Furniture. You may also see her at The Gate every now and then, helping customers and making tea!

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