A Local Support Worker's Story

I just wanted to say thank you to you all. It was really nice to come into the shop and meet staff and find out all how the system of referral works. It was nice to be offered a drink and biscuits while I was waiting.

While waiting to discuss the referral, it was also nice to see how much Gateway Furniture is used by many different people and all so friendly and appreciative of your services. Your support and kindness have supported a family in so many ways and has made a huge impact. The children and dad are not on the streets or sofa surfing and the children have got a bed they can call their own rather than a sofa or in a foster placement. If we were unable to support the family today, we would have been seeking legal advice for the children to go into care. What a positive and fantastic outcome and difference you have all made due to your kindness. The items are very much appreciated, and we can't thank you enough. It is nice to see how people still help others and how much differences are made due to their actions. Even though your drivers were busy, knowing this was an emergency they were happy to deliver the items on the same day. Thank you again.

Mary's Story

I have 3 children the youngest being 7 months old. I also have scoliosis which means I am confined to a wheelchair 90% of the time. I have 2 electric chairs and a manual one. I had very little support from anyone and was moving into an empty property. Gateway Furniture provide me with a cooker, double mattress and sofa. The property didn’t have any curtains or curtain poles and they were able to supply me with these things as well. Curtains may seem like a small thing but as I’m in a wheelchair I had no privacy doing simple things like getting dressed. It was important to have some privacy, so I was pleased and grateful for this. With the comfort of a new mattress and feeling secure I was finally able to get a decent night's sleep and rest! I regularly go into the Gateway Furniture shop and I am always made to feel very welcome there.

John's Story

I first found the Gateway Furniture when I was homeless and sleeping rough in the town centre. I went into the shop and found the staff very welcoming and asked if I could volunteer. They helped me by providing clean clothes and shoes and a nice friendly place to work and keep my mind occupied. I will always be very grateful to all the staff in the Gateway Furniture for their help and support.

Other Feedback

"I can’t thank Gateway Furniture enough. My kids are over the moon and it’s taken some of the pressure off. You are truly angels. Thank you from us all."

"I am so grateful to Gateway Furniture for the adjustable bed they provided. I have a rare incurable neurological condition, Complete Regional Pain Syndrome, which affects my leg and foot. This meant a normal bed was causing a lot of additional pain in my hip and back. The adjustable bed that was provided has proven a life saver. I really can’t thank you enough!"

"I would like to thank you and Gateway Furniture for helping my patient. I have seen the patient this morning and although medically she has deteriorated slightly, her chair transfers are much easier for her. The riser/recliner has made a big difference. She has told me that she is very happy with the help she received in your shop and also the service from the delivery staff who checked everything was in good working order before leaving. Thank goodness for organisations like yours that really do make a difference to people."

"I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for all the support you provided to me and my baby. All the material things you gave me, I really loved them. Thanks once again for giving me hope and bringing a smile on my face."